Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Benedict's Report

All the boys were brought in by their homestay families and gathered on the duelling lawn to register with Summer School. It was a rainy morning but spirits were high and everybody seemed very excited to get going. After registration the boys were taken to their English classes where they sat a short test in order to establish their ability. They all told Benedict that they didn’t find the test too hard at all! At break the boys ate lots of jam donuts and then returned to their classes where they were divided into different groups. After their morning English classes they walked to Preshute where they had lunch (meatballs and spaghetti) and then relaxed in the grounds. The rain had disappeared by now so they could enjoy the sun. The boys were then divided into groups for their afternoon activities. Some were doing 'Multi Sports', which involved playing Basketball and Handball. Some chose 'On Target' where they practised archery. Others chose 'Teenage Outdoor Activities’ - this was particularly exciting as the boys had to get through an obstacle course and ferry themselves across a river on a raft (they got a bit wet!). The boys had a quick break with some tea and biscuits and all signed up for the evening activity, which involved playing ‘Capture the Flag’ and a quick game of Dodgeball. By the time the homestay families came to pick the boys up at 7pm they were very tired but everyone had had a wonderful day.

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  1. Perfect! Thanks, Benny. I bet there is no obstacle on Tokai boys. They can ferry themselves to the wonderful world.