Thursday, July 23, 2015

Good Students

The boys had their picture taken as a group outside the language school where they have English lessons every morning. All the teachers are very complimentary about the Tokai boys, who are well-behaved, polite and positive. 

It's great to see them doing so well on the programme. They spent some of the morning around Marlborough town for one of their class challenges - they spoke to various shopkeepers and people on the street. In the afternoon, some of the boys went clay pigeon shooting with real shotguns! It was extremely exciting and the boys were extremely accurate shots considering it was all their first time shooting a gun! One of the groups of boys made their own rafts and had a race across the lake. One of the rafts fell apart so everybody got a little bit wet but the water wasn’t cold. Shinya swam across the lake and was still smiling when he walked ashore! In the evening the boys played football and played on a giant foamy waterslide which was great fun for everybody. 

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